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Baby bops

3 Months to Pre Walkers

 Toddler classes

Walkers to 4 years

children's dance classes

3 to 16 years

children's dance classes

We have an exciting range of classes that cover many dance styles to suit every Childs interests:


- Street dance

-Musical Theatre

- Freestyle

- Cheer

- Acro

-contemporary & Lyrical jazz

Our dance classes are split into the following age groups: 

Mini's 3-7yrs

Juniors 8-12yrs

Inters 12+

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 Toddler classes

Our toddler classes are very popular as we bridge the gap between the early foundations of dance and fun, wiggling dance sessions to get their bodies moving. We have three classes available for our toddlers: 

- Tweenie bops (music & movement class)

- Tiny ballet

- Toddler street dance

Aged walker to 4 years, our classes cater to suit any toddlers needs. we combine dance, music and play into one fun class to help build your toddlers confidence and creativity. 

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Baby bops

Baby bops is our exciting class for those aged 3 months to pre walker. We combine elements of music, movement, multi sensory and play into one fun class. All of our activities in class encourage the development of our babies' senses.

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