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Ashleigh- School principle & Owner

Miss Mira-

Miss Fay-

Miss Lauren-

Here at mini bops we provide classes for children of all ages. For our youngest children We incorporate dance, movement and play to create fun and energetic sessions. As children progress through our school with age, the range of dance styles and classes available increases. Our classes are suitable for children who want to join us for fun classes and those who would like to further progress in dance.

Come and join our mini bops club, you'll  have a bopping time!

Mini Bops Owner

What's the story behind
Mini Bops?

Giving birth to my first child really emphasised the importance of early childhood development in my mind.

One major thing that I have learnt is that time is precious and our little ones don't stay so little forever! 

My vision was to create a unique space for adults to enjoy quality time with their little ones through movement, dance and play whilst also offering children a space to explore their passion for dance with high quality teaching.

Being an IDTA qualified dance teacher for 10 years alongside my experience teaching in EYFS- secondary school settings, I wanted to combine my passion, knowledge, skills and experiences into one clear vision.

It is this that lies at the heart of mini bops.

This is why I took the steps of bringing my vision to life and bringing mini bops to reality! 


5Sport Park
Bath Mills